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PTX Technologies Inc. (PTX)...

is a private Calgary based Technology Company that has developed an innovative, robust and scalable refrigeration/liquefaction technology. We have designed, constructed and commissioned a 500 usgpd LNG Pilot/Demonstration facility which is utilized to test, validate and demonstrate the technology in action.



PTX is focused on identifying, evaluating and developing commercial projects that can employ our innovative refrigeration technology to reduce capital, operating costs and improve overall project economics.



The modified absorption refrigeration process can achieve operating pressures as low as 5 kPa which results in the ammonia gas chiller operating temperatures as low as -75 degrees Celcius.

There is a broad range of applications:

  • CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage)


  • LNG production


  • LNG re-liquefaction on-board ships or land-based storage


  • Gas processing refrigeration for ethane, propane and/or NGL recovery


  • Air Separation Units


  • Oil refineries can benefit from additional refrigeration, especially in:

    • Alkylation units for reaction cooling

    • LPG Recovery units

    • Air blower limited FCC units

  • Petrochemical complexes where a cold box or process chilling is required

  • Agri-Food Industry

    • Refrigeration

    • Flash Freezing

    • Freeze Drying

  • Mining or other industrial applications requiring cooling/refrigeration

  • The 90,000 usgpd Talbot Lake LNG facility proposed by Sonoma LNG is targeting an on-stream date of mid-2021. The facility is located in Northern Alberta providing a regional LNG supply for diesel displacement in off-grid power generation and heating applications.

  • An example of a potential co-location application would be a small to mid-scale LNG facility beside a large natural gas-fired power facility.








For any inquiries or questions please call: 403.816.5929

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President & CEO

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