• Since early 2015, efforts have been focused on the development and commercialization of a new refrigeration technology, that is simple, robust and highly scalable.



• A 500 usgpd LNG Pilot/Demonstration facility was designed, constructed and commission in 2016, with first LNG production June 14, 2016.



• The technology is based on modified aqua-ammonia absorption (MA3) refrigeration process. Aqua-ammonia, a mixture of water and ammonia, is pumped to pressure, heated to release ammonia vapor, distilled and condensed to produce the ammonia refrigerant.



• The base technology is 160 years old, with the first patent granted in 1859 in France to Ferdinand Carré.



• PTX’s technology is capable of providing ammonia refrigerant chilling down to – 75 °C at a chiller operating pressure of 5 kPa absolute.



• The new MA3 refrigeration process reduces the scope of overall mechanical rotating equipment required, and when compared to conventional refrigeration systems, results in significant capital and operating cost savings.



• The technology may be employed in LNG, shallow or deep cut C2+ or C3+ gas processing applications.



• The refrigeration process is well suited for small to mid-scale markets with an upper end of processing train estimated to be approximately 100 MMscfd.



• The MA3 refrigeration technology is thermally driven with low-grade heat (<200 °C), providing opportunities to co-locate at industrial locations with waste heat and natural gas supply available.



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Patent US 10,415,878 B2

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